Dipl.-Ing. Guido Plattmann

Dipl.-Ing. Guido Plattmann
Operations Management Consultant  
Dipl.-Ing. Angelika Lukas
Quality Improvement Consultant

Extraordinary project situations require extraordinary project work for effective and sustainable improvement. PQP MEX CONSULTING is a well-coordinated German problem-solving team with many years of project experience in Mexico. We are specialized in providing project support for the supplying industry with active and focused support in difficult project situations.

For the best possible support for our customers, we combine our German engineering knowledge with our Mexico experience in projects. 

PQP MEX also offers you a holistic approach to finding solutions for sustainable improvement of the respective project situation. Our successful approach is based on our consulting philosophy of supporting your local team as a well-established and complementary 2-person team. We continuously coordinate our activities, especially in the areas of quality, production and logistics, taking into account maintenance and engineering. 

This gives our customers the added value that not only the existing project situation gets improved, but the implemented processes can also be transferred to other projects. 

Our approach and support from a problem project was often used to create a pilot project for the entire plant. 

However, since the success of a project always depends on the acceptance and willingness of the actors involved, we see ourselves as part of the local team that with 100% commitment, hands-on mentality and, of course, in the local language, animates the team and keeps it on track 

Through our way of working, we want to inspire and carry the entire team to an extraordinary performance as a positive, focused and energetic example.

Based on our personal OEM experience, we also see ourselves as an intermediary between the customer and the local team, in order to align the necessary solution to customer needs. On the other hand, we are specialized in continually presenting improvements of the local team (after consultation with the management) to the customer in the best and most efficient way and thus to improve the “customer-supplier relationship”.