Brown Field Plant Product (Re-)Launch

In case of necessary changes to production equipment, e.g. relocation / upgrade, in existing plants, we support you with the layout, planning and execution of all activities including the necessary approval processes.

New projects or volume increases from existing projects often require relocating production facilities within a plant or to another location.

However, since a relocation of production facilities usually has to take place during a series production process, detailed planning and exact implementation is essential. This is the only way to guarantee delivery to the customer in accordance with product requests.

Due to our many years of experience in the planning and implementation of such production plant relocations, our support consists of assistance or as a managerial function (interim management):

Detailed planning of the individual activities / project milestones:

  • Layout planning including optimization analysis based on Value Stream Analysis
  • Stock building plan and daily check to supply the customer from the last production to the released new production
  • Holistic timing for all activities of the departments and suppliers involved 
  • Coordination / planning of the necessary approval activities with the customer for a released PPAP
  • Support the calculation of the necessary investments for the relocation of the production equipment

Realization of the planned activities:

  • Checking / monitoring of the real progress according to timing, investments and releases including reporting to the management
  • Proceeding of internal / external PPAP