Risk / Escalation Management

We take over the organization, implementation monitoring and evaluation of all improvement activities that are necessary related to risk / escalation management. Additionally we support you with the necessary customer communication.

In the case of impending or already escalated projects by the customer, effective solution measures must be developed and implemented as fast as possible in order to avoid or minimize negative economic and reputational influences of the product supplier.

Often, however, the developed solving approaches are only isolated solutions from the respective department concerned and only solve the problem for a short time or create new problems, due to negative effects on other areas were not taken into account.

In these situations, it is necessary to install and lead a holistic team, with all involved departments, in order to find and implement the best possible solution and to provide assistance in using the necessary analysis tools.

As PQP MEX team, we have many years of experience in solving escalation level situations and are specialized in providing focused and active support to the local team.

We see ourselves as part of the team, which on the one hand supports and trains the respective departments with theory and practice in the improvement analysis and implementation (training on the job) in the areas:

  • (Series) Quality / Audit
  • Production process
  • Maintenance process
  • Logistics processes (internal / external)
  • Input material procurement / quality requirements as part of supplier development

As well as taking on the necessary organizational tasks:

  • Moderation of customer and team meetings (in Spanish, English or German as required)
  • Preparation of the team meetings
  • Managing the LOP / Timing / Invest list
  • Preparation of status reports for management / customers
  • Preparation and follow-up of customers visits

Our main goal as support of the local team is to achieve a sustainable improvement of the project (incl. De-Escalation) as well as a trustworthy customer-supplier-relation as soon as possible.

An additional workload of the local team due to the customer escalation is thus kept as low as possible.