What We Do


In the area of ​​quality, we offer you our service in planning and in active execution. We cover advance quality planning for new projects as well as quality planning for existing projects. In addition, we train you in the quality documents and methods.

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Risk / Escalation Management

We take over the organization, implementation monitoring and evaluation of all improvement activities that are necessary related to risk / escalation management. Additionally we support you with the necessary customer communication.

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Green Field Plant Launch Support

For a Green Field Plant setup, we support you from the site selection, to planning and monitoring of the final construction.

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Brown Field Plant – Product (Re-)Launch

In case of necessary changes to production equipment, e.g. relocation / upgrade, in existing plants, we support you with the layout, planning and execution of all activities including the necessary approval processes.

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Supplier Performance Development

We support you in developing new suppliers and improving the supply of existing suppliers. For this purpose we follow a holistic approach to improve production, quality and logistics.

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Strategy & Business Development

In case of strategically realignment of existing plants, we support you in analyzing possible increases in efficiency.

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