Strategy & Business Development

In case of strategically realignment of existing plants, we support you in analyzing possible increases in efficiency.
Subsequent we offer you our service for detailed planning and on-time execution.

In the case of new production plants, everything is usually done to implement Lean Manufacturing within the production process as well as possible in order to avoid any waste. However, if you look at the entire factory layout, you often see that a directed flow of material has been completely lost sight of.

Reasons for this are often that new projects are placed where there is space and thus over the years a “patchwork” of different production area is created with the resulting inefficient and intersecting material flows.

This means that due to the long distances, these plants have to record a considerable loss of efficiency, apart from the high risks of confusion of individual components due to the intersecting material flows and the increased risk of transport damage to the components through longer and more complex transportations.

As an increase in efficiency and the strategic realignment of these plants, it is often useful to realize a consolidation of the production areas in order to achieve a directed material flow within the plant.

In addition, a more efficient general use of the shop floor is often achieved, which in turn creates space for new projects (of course, according to the material flow in the factory).

For the projects that are to be phased out of series production, a consolidation can also be carried out analogously, in that products of the same type are produced on shared systems according to the call-offs in a kind of competence center for spare parts.

In order to realize this consolidation of the plant layout, we support through the necessary planning as well as the implementation:


  • Recording and analysis of material flows within the plant 
  • Development of various layout alternatives for the new factory layout together with the local team 
  • Set up the necessary activities for the potential new layouts including cost calculation with the local team 
  • Detailed development of all necessary activities for the coordinated layout consolidation including schedule and investment calculation 
  • Possible rescheduling of individual plant layouts according to the lean manufacturing principles to increase plant efficiency 
  • Concept development for the competence center “Spare parts” including layout and technical requirements analysis for the shared systems together with the local team


  • Organization of internal / external resources according to the schedule, taking into account the budget 
  • Planning and monitoring of stock building to supply the customer with components after the last production and the first released component after conversion 
  • Coordination of the necessary approval procedure with the customer after the conversion of the systems 
  • Organization of the re-launch of the projects based on the coordinated approval process 
  • Organization (internal / external) and monitoring of the necessary adjustments and construction of the shared systems for the competence center “spare parts”