Supplier Performance Development

We support you in developing new suppliers and improving the supply of existing suppliers. For this purpose we follow a holistic approach to improve production, quality and logistics.

Mexico is on the advance to a new auto nation. Many OEMs already produce here. But this also means that additional local suppliers are necessary for the production of components in Mexico. Due to the rapid development, many suppliers are only partially able to meet the agreed requirements.

On the one hand, this is due to the fact that all the requirements of automotive technology to the required extent were not necessary beforehand, and on the other hand, the necessary scope was underestimated by the new supplier. The result is an active (customer requirement “supplier must improve”) or passive (customer and supplier work together on the necessary improvements) requirements from the customer.

We as PQP MEX Consulting Team, with several years of experience in supplier development, can provide support for active and passive requirements.

After a supplier audit has been carried out, in which the actual state is compared with the required target state, the weak point of the supplier becomes apparent. We take care about:

  • Supplier development, support during the implementation of necessary activities and measures by the organization / departments so that the high customer requirements in the development / manufacturing process are ensured
  • Supplier qualification for the product and the process, which includes the activities of planning and the realization of the production process of the product to be delivered. We follow the standardized PPAP approval procedures.
  • SQE support, due to the fact, that every customer requires a contact person from his supplier, we take over this interface for you.

An abstract from our support in supplier development / qualification is among others:

introduction or for a later stable production and consideration of all specifications. We use all the necessary tools such as FMEA, feasibility study to create a QM plan for the production of prototypes, pre-series components to series production.

In the event of non-compliant services by the supplier, measures are required to restore the delivery quality and performance of the supplier and to do this as quickly as possible. For this we train your staff in the appropriate tools and information to use them safely in the future.

An important role for the product to be delivered is the packaging which is necessary for adequate product protection. We work with you to develop the catalog of requirements, the design review, and the evaluation of ergonomics and transport behavior. We also organize and monitor the necessary packaging tests internally and externally with the aim of final packaging approval with the customer.