Quality – APQP / R@R / PPAP + General Quality Support incl. Training

In the area of ​​quality, we offer you our service in planning and in active execution. We cover advance quality planning for new projects as well as quality planning for existing projects. In addition, we train you in the quality documents and methods.

The basis for a future stable production process is already set in the quality planning. It is important to carefully check the necessary requirements of the customer in order to be able to implement them accordingly.

We consider ourselves as a component of your product team and offer you our support in the following Q areas:

  • Advanced Quality planning
  • Quality improvement in the production process
  • Audit and certification preparation

An important element for a successful future product production depends among other things in the advanced quality planning.

The APQP work is a structured procedure for advanced quality planning. Important among others, the entire APQP work is to comply with the necessary customer requirements and specifications. With the help of the FMEA methods, feasibility study, capability tests (SPC) ,measuring system analysis (MSA) and QM plans (CP), sampling (PPAP), special characteristics, … should result from the development of a robust design with a robust process for the product to be generated.

Cross-divisional teamwork is necessary for the best possible result for the product. We support you in the planning, organization, preparation and moderation of APQP as well as the included methods / documents and train you in the documents for the future.

A proactive or reactive measure can make it necessary to improve the quality of the production process.

In the case of a proactive measure, we speak of it when the product supplier has recognized that his product does not meet the customer specifications in any form.

In the case of the reacting measure, product complaints from the customer have already been made in-house and require to be solved by the supplier monitored by the customer.

For both measures, we offer you our support in quality work. By applying the “core methods” in a multi-functional team, we ensure a product improvement back to specification and/or to a (re-) PPAP.

We train you for the future in 3D & 8D reports or root cause determination with the help of problem solving sheets.

The approval process or supplier qualification of a product / process is an important milestone. Whether a release process has been passed well or not depends on the planning of all activities and the integration of all necessary departments.

We offer you a safe planning of all necessary activities and the implementation of the PPAP up to securing the serial production. We check in advance of all necessary documents, releases from sub-suppliers, internal release procedures (test, etc.). for the theoretical part of the PPAP. We also take care at the practical part of the PPAP procedure, as e.g. realization check according agreement of cycle times, test frequencies, …
In the event of non-compliant services by the supplier, measures are absolutely necessary to restore the delivery quality and performance of the supplier as quickly as possible. For those cases, automotive standards require 3D or 8D reports.

Timing, risk assessment, remedial measures, root cause determination with the help of problem-solving sheets, we support you in all process steps of the document and train you for the future.
In case of problems it is important to carry out a root cause analysis in order to avoid the same problems in the future. Problem solving sheets are the tools for finding the cause. Part of a solving sheet are the Ishikawa diagram, the 5Why’s, the actions and the remedial measures.
As a certified auditor, we support you in all the necessary activities for certification through pre-audits and support in processing any deviations found in the main audit.